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Flour and Frost is celebrating our 5th birthday in 2022, browse through some of our creations over the years

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Customer Love

Carissa from Flour and Frost made our wedding cake and we could not have been happier with the result. The booking process was straightforward and easy, we trusted Carissa with our plans and gave her only a brief description of our theme and full creative control. It's safe to say she absolutely nailed it and all our guests were raving about how delicious it tasted!

Sarah O'Rourke

I have had the pleasure of attending two workshops with Carissa - a cake decorating and cupcake decorating class. I learnt so many skills and techniques from Carissa and had a wonderful time trying something new and connecting with a bunch of lovely new people!

Carly Devine

Anytime I need to spoil a friend, take something to a dinner party, bring morning tea to work or just feel like spoiling my family for dessert, I can always rely on Flour & Frost to have some cupcakes available. I am a part of the Facebook Tribe and feel very blessed to have tasted quite a fair share of Carissa's creations!

Lisa McLean

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